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What Stories Sell?

* Breaking News

* Celebrity Stories

* Political Scandals

* Royal Exclusives

* Health Stories

Whatever your story is we are keen to hear from you.

If you think your story is interesting, funny, important, or newsworthy then there is a good chance that it is.

We are here to advise you on how to sell your story and where best to get it placed. 

‘Breaking news’ is a cornerstone of our business and relates to any event that has just happened or that no-one else is aware of yet.

The quicker you contact us the quicker we can work on getting you a good deal and getting the story out there.

If you have photographs or video to illustrate the breaking news story even better. It is better for you to act quickly as most stories have some sort of shelf life and can lose value and topicality over time.

However, don’t be afraid to contact us if a period of time has elapsed since an event happened. It may well still be publishable.

Exposing wrong-doing or unfair dealing is another of our specialities. We regularly deal with whistleblowers who are keen to expose injustices. Our commitment to confidentiality and protecting our sources is key to ours success in this field.


If you have a story about a celebrity we also want to hear from you. Again, if you have pictures of the celebrity even better.

People are  interested in stories and pictures of celebrities perhaps doing something you would not expect them to do. Maybe they are puffing around the streets on a run, at a location you would not expect to see them, or doing something naughty or illegal.

It is not just negative stories about celebrities which may be publishable. If a famous person has done you a good turn then we want to hear about that equally.

We are here to help sell your stories in a quick, safe and well thought out way. We give sound impartial advice.

There is a selection of stories in the ‘Latest Stories’ section which will also help give you an idea of the type of stories we are after as well.

Please contact us on either the Story Hotline number 0845 60 90 118 or fill out the contact form on our website.

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