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Raped by Lee Rigby’s Killer.

Rape victim of killer speaks out.

In the days after Michael Adeblajo callously killed Lee in the street we were contacted by a woman who had been raped by the murderer when she was 14 years of age.

The victim of the sexual assault understandably wanted to remain anonymous.

We sold the story for her to the Sunday Mirror who ran her story on the front page of the newspaper, disguising any details that may identify her.

Read the full story here:

Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo drugged and raped me at 14: Victim tells of her ordeal

A girl woke up to find callous Adebolajo, convicted this week of the horrific murder of the soldier, on top of her and his face an inch away

A young mum has told how one of soldier Lee Rigby’s killers drugged and raped her when she was 14.

While a naive schoolgirl, evil Michael Adebolajo forced her to smoke cannabis – he then waited until she passed out then raped her.

Callous Adebolajo, convicted this week of the horrific murder of the soldier, had lured the 14-year-old to his room to satisfy his vile lust.

His victim, now a mum in her twenties, told how she became unconscious under the influence of the powerful weed. When she came round Adebolajo was on top of her carrying out his sickening sex attack.

She claimed: “I have looked into his eyes and felt the evil inside him.

“I opened my eyes and his face was less than an inch from mine. I’ll never forget that moment for as long as I live.

“His teeth were discoloured and wonky. His eyes seemed to be burning. He smirked and his breath smelt foul and was hot on my face.”

The terrified youngster – who we are calling Vivian, not her real name – managed to flee the room after her ordeal and ran along the street in floods of tears.

Incredibly her nightmare at the hands of Adebolajo, 29, came back to haunt her just two days before his barbaric attack on Fusilier Rigby last May.

The Islamic fanatic spotted Vivian and ordered her to get into his car. It was the vehicle he and Michael Adebowale, 22, would use to mow down the soldier near his barracks in Woolwich, South East London.

But Vivian managed to get away after pleading with him to let her go.

The following day Adebolajo texted her asking to meet up the day after that.

Vivian made an excuse. The day of the would-be meeting she was stunned to see the images of bloodstained Adebolajo clutching a meat cleaver and ranting about why he had savagely murdered Lee.

The shock drove tearful Vivian to confide in her mum for the first time about her rape ordeal in the spring of 2001 when the family lived in Romford, Essex.

Vivian told the Sunday Mirror: “I was 14 when I met Adebolajo. We lived near each other. We all used to get together in the park. He used to act nice and charming.”

A few weeks before the sex attack Adebolajo kissed Vivian in the park.

She said: “He was always trying to get girls to give him a kiss. It had only happened with me once. Maybe he thought I was his girlfriend. But I didn’t see it like that.”

collect-03.jpgPredator: Adebolajo with a different girl during his schooldays
On the day of the attack, Vivian and a friend went to Adebolajo’s house where he took them up to his room with a pal.

Vivian said: “The curtains were closed and the lights off. He got out some cannabis. He grinned at us and told us we were going to have a good time.

“I’d seen people smoke weed before but I’d never done it myself. I should have got the hell out of there.”

Vivian allowed Adebolajo to join her under a blanket on the floor as all four passed round a joint he had rolled.

She said: “Each time it was my turn to smoke, he made me suck hard and inhale and hold it in. I thought I was grown up and cool. I started feeling woozy.

“He was laughing and saying, ‘That’s it, take it down. It’s good stuff. It will give you a good time’.”

Vivian passed out but suddenly came round to find that Adebolajo, then aged 16, was raping her.

She said: “I woke up and could feel him on top of me. I was lying flat on my back on the floor and could feel his weight. I was disoriented and felt sick.

“I opened my eyes and his face was less than an inch from mine. I’ll never forget that moment for as long as I live.

“My mind begin to race and I felt panic welling up in my chest. I instinctively knew what he was doing.

“I looked down and saw that my trousers and pants were down. His friend was still in the room, watching. I pushed him off and began yanking my trousers up and wriggling out from underneath him.

“Somehow I got to my feet. I was so desperate to get out of the room. My friend had gone. I was terrified. He stepped to one side as I dashed for the door.

“I ran down the stairs and out of the front door. I ran and ran as fast as I could. I started crying.”

As she neared her own house, Vivian saw her friend.

“I ran up to her and blurted everything out,” she said. “I told her Michael had raped me. She was mortified she had left me.”

Ten minutes later, feeling violated and racked with guilt, Vivian slipped into her home and went straight to her room.

She recalled: “My head was spinning. My instinct was to tell my parents but I couldn’t. The guilt and the shame felt like too much. My dad didn’t like Michael either. I wasn’t even supposed to be out with him, let alone at his house.

“I got straight in the shower and cried the whole time. I got into bed and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. It felt like a little piece of me had been killed that night.

“I told myself I’d have to put it to the back of my mind and get on with my life.

“But his twisted teeth and foul breath have stayed in my memory ever since.”

In a chilling chance encounter 10 years later, Vivian bumped into self-styled soldier of Islam Adebolajo, who promptly tried to ­indecently assault her.

Vivian had left Romford, where Adebolajo grew up with his Christian parents, to live in London.

She said: “I was on a train station platform when suddenly I heard his voice. My mouth went dry and I felt the same panic I’d felt all those years before.”

Adebolajo, who had been arguing with another passenger, was “all smiles” when he spotted Vivian.

She said: “For some stupid reason, I felt I had to talk to him. He said, ‘You look really nice.’ He was eyeing me up and down and trying to be charming. He was acting as if nothing had happened between us.

“He sat opposite me on the train and asked what I’d been up to. Stupidly, I felt I had to talk to him.

“Suddenly, he said loudly, ‘I’ve always wanted to **** you.’ It was so ­embarrassing. He reached over and put a hand on my knee. He started rubbing my thigh, reaching further and further up my leg.

“I told him to stop but he just smiled, as if I was joking. I moved my bag to try and make him to stop. But he wouldn’t. He kept touching me.

“Then he wanted my number. I thought about giving him a false one but he insisted on ringing it straight away to make sure it was correct.

“He leaned in to kiss me. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. I let him kiss my cheek just to get rid of him.

“When I walked away, I felt dirty all over again.”

Her last fateful encounter with Adebolajo came in May.

Vivian said: “He pulled up in a car alongside me – the same car he drove into Lee Rigby to knock him down before doing those awful things to him.

“I looked at him and he showed me those horrible teeth again. He told me to come over and talk to him.

“He told me to get in the passenger seat. I did and shut the door but kept my hand on the handle.

“He said in a jokey voice, ‘I should drive off and take you with me.’ I said, ‘No, don’t do that.’ He then let me out.”

Next day he texted Vivian suggesting they “have a good day out”. Vivian said: “I texted back saying I was busy.”

The following day Vivian saw the video footage of Lee Rigby’s killer – and was stunned to see it was Adebolajo.

Vivian said: “I’ve never been able to forget what he did to me. But for what he did to that poor soldier, he deserves to rot forever.

“He didn’t take my life, but he did take part of my soul.

“I want him to know that I was finally brave enough to stand up to him. Only then will I be able to really bury him in my past.”

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