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UKIP Aide Is Paedophile

Seven-year-old abused by UKIP young persons worker.

We were contacted by the mother of a seven year old boy who was sexually abused by a UKIP campaigner.

The mother was upset that while UKIP leader Nigel Farage blamed migrants for sex attacks his party had employed someone without proper checks.

The story appeared on the front of the Daily Mirror newspaper.

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Nigel Farage aide is child sex predator – UKIP campaigner jailed for seven years for grooming boy, 7

Nigel Farage has drawn flak for linking migrants to sex attacks – but former party activist Aaron Knight has been convicted of horrific abuse

Kent PoliceAaron KnightAaron Knight was campaigning for the party while committing his crimes

While Nigel Farage was recently spouting his Brexit views about migrants sexually abusing Brits, a former UKIP party aide was already behind bars for paedophile attacks on a boy.

And, the seven-year-old victim’s furious mum tore into the UKIP leader for the controversial comments which come as vile Aaron Knight was just weeks into his long stretch in prison.

The 30-year-old pervert got seven years for subjecting the youngster to horrific abuse after grooming him for more than a year in South Thanet, Kent.

He was campaigning for UKIP during the General Election at the time.

The boy’s mum, who cannot be named, said: “It makes my blood boil hearing Farage going on about how migrants are going to carry out sex attacks if they come into this country.
“If Mr Farage and his mates in UKIP had been looking a bit closer to home, my son might have not been harmed in the way he has.

“I still can’t believe Aaron Knight was able to worm his way into a job with UKIP like he did.

“He’s just a disgusting individual. I will never be able to forgive him for what he has done to my child and my family.”

Knight, of Ramsgate, Kent, admitted two counts of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one count of sexual assault on a child under 13.

He worked for UKIP as assistant campaign manger in South Thanet while Mr Farage battled unsuccessfully to become an MP in the region.

The sex fiend was also made leader of the party’s youth wing Young Independence in Kent.

Knight was captured on video discussing his decision to join UKIP, saying: “They paid me and hired me because I’m very good at talking. I was a very charismatic person.”

Aaron Knight when he was Kent chairman of UKIPAaron Knight when he was Kent chairman of UKIP
He was introduced to local party chiefs in the spring of 2014 just as the election campaign started and was taken on in the summer.

Knight was also filmed onstage at a UKIP Thanet South Question Time event in August 2014 with local chairman Martyn Heale. He told the crowd: “South Thanet, this is our bastion, this is our ­stronghold.

“We are a people’s party. We truly represent the people. It is now or never.”

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But Knight was keeping a sordid secret from the people he claimed to represent – he had been systematically grooming the boy since September 2013.

The sick campaigner made the ­youngster engage in sexual activity. He warned the lad his mother would tick him off if he were to tell anyone “their secret”.

Knight was jailed last month for his disgusting crimes.

After the hearing at Canterbury crown court, Kent Police investigating Officer PC David Greig said: “Knight is a dangerous predatory paedophile who wormed his way into the trust of others before exploiting an innocent child for his own sexual gratification.”

GettyNigel FarageKnight voiced his support for Farage online
Knight carried out a particularly brutal attack on the child in September 2014 – around the time he was praising his boss on social media.

He posted: “Get us in ­Westminster and we will show the people what we can really do. NIGEL FOR PM.”

Mr Farage praised his party workers throughout the election campaign.

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Sources said Knight was befriended by Mr Heale who was trying to get new, younger members into the party amid fears its image was too middle-aged.

And soon after joining, he was bragging about meeting Mr Farage at the Market Inn pub in Sandwich, Kent.

A friend, who asked not to be named, said: “Aaron thought really highly of Farage.

“He said he had stood at the bar chatting to him. They were both offered a couple of alcoholic shots by bar staff.

“Aaron said Mr Farage whispered that he didn’t drink shots in front the TV cameras. But they later both downed them together.”

GettyNigel FarageFriends of Knight say he had a drink with the UKIP leader
Knight continued to lavish praise on party chiefs – and himself. In a magazine interview he said: “Martyn said I’m his secret weapon.

“I’m charismatic. I understand what UKIP wants to achieve. I truly believe I will be one of their key assets.”

But weeks after September’s evil attack on the child, he suddenly quit the party for “personal reasons”.

And in January last year he had pledged his support to Russell Brand in his election campaign.

He said: “I thought UKIP were a people’s party. But they say one thing and mean another.”

The party has said it was “appalled” at Knight’s sick crimes.

A spokesman added: “Mr Knight worked for UKIP in Thanet South for four months until he was dismissed for lack of ­performance over a year ago.

“We extend our deepest sympathy to the victims and their families for these heinous crimes.”

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