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Young Mum Joins ISIS

TOWIE-loving mum joins ISIS

We revealed how Tareena Shakil had run away to Syria to join the death cult.

The story seemed all the more remarkable because Tareena had once been immersed in Western culture and a big fan of reality TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex.

We set up an interview for the family and the Sun newspaper ran the story exclusively on its front page.

Read the full story:

The Only Way Is ISIS

A YOUNG mum who loves The Only Way Is Essex and pop music has run off to Syria to join the fanatics of Isis — taking her 14-month-old son.

The parents of Tareena Shakil, 25, say she was secretly radicalised online.

Dad Mohammed, of Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffs, said: “I’d no idea.

“My little grandson shouldn’t be going through this.

Runaway Tareena became radicalised in just four months — hiding her fanaticism by using a Facebook account in a false name.

To her parents the divorced mum was still the fashion-loving fan of The Only Way Is Essex who grew up embracing Western ways.

But in July she secretly set up a Facebook profile under the name Tameena al amirah and began posting pro-Islamic messages.

Within weeks she was describing herself as “a slave of Allah” and posting pictures of Isis fighters.

Tareena in Western clothing
Tareena in Western clothing The Sun

On October 12 she posted a picture of the black Isis flag.

Then on Monday Tareena left home with 14-month-old Zaheem claiming to be going on holiday to Spain.

Instead she got a plane to Turkey then crossed the border into Syria.

Dad Mohammed, of Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs said: “There was no reason to suspect.

“She left wearing jeans and a top she bought in a shop owned by one of the Towie stars in Brentwood.

“She was not even wearing a headscarf.”

Ex-sales rep Mohammed said divorced Tareena was an A-grade pupil, school prefect and psychology graduate.

He added: “Tareena did drama and was in the Guides. She loved the Spice Girls and Towie.”

Tareena has now contacted Mohammed, mum Amanda, brother Nazeem, 12 and sister Ameena, 10, to tell them she is in Raqqa.

The city is a headquarters of Isis, also known as Islamic State.

Plea to mum
Plea to mum
Tareena's horror at border
Tareena’s horror at border

One online message begged her mum not to cry.

In another Tareena sent a picture of herself with Zaheem.

She also hinted at the ordeal they faced, saying: “So many people died coming.

“They got shot at the border. But we made it. We ran across the border.”


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