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Coronation Street Star Attacked

Actor Kevin Le Vell had pint thrown at him in pub

At the time of the attack Le Vell was facing child sex offences which of which he was subsequently cleared.

At the time of the attack Le Vell was facing child sex offences which of which he was subsequently cleared.

Our source happened to video the incident of him having beer thrown on him.

We sold the story and pictures to the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

Read the full story:

Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell attacked in pub: exclusive pictures

Troubled Corrie star Michael Le Vell was left shaken and furious when he was attacked and branded a “beast” on a night out at the pub.

The actor, facing 19 child sex offences which he vehemently denies, had a pint of beer thrown in his face.

But he quickly told friends at his local to “leave it” and not react. Yesterday his new girlfriend Blanca Fouche, 31, claimed: “It’s an assault. People are singling him out because of who he is.”

The pictures, taken by a fellow drinker, show Le Vell initially looking relaxed with his pals.

But then the snaps show how a mystery shaven-headed man ruins his night, leaving the actor, who has played Kevin Webster since 1983, wiping beer from his face and clothes with his sleeve.
The culprit fled after the unprovoked attack and fellow drinkers said it was only the composure of Le Vell and his friends that stopped a fight breaking out.

A witness said: “Michael was standing chatting to half a dozen of his mates when this tall guy approached him with a half-full pint of beer. It looked like the guy was going to walk past Michael but as he drew level with him he threw his beer over him and called him a ‘beast’.

“Michael was visibly shaken. He had beer all over his face and down his front. He quickly began drying himself. His mates couldn’t believe it. One wanted to go after the guy. Michael told them to do nothing. He looked embarrassed.”

Le Vell, 48, then dashed to the nearby home of Blanca, in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Blanca said: “Michael feels comfortable in the pub. All his friends go there, he knows everyone. Why would someone do something like this?
“It’s like Michael is being targeted because he’s on TV. They are singling him out with all this stuff going on.

“But I know Mike. I’ve got to know him. He’s innocent. He doesn’t deserve this. People can’t get away with things like this – idiots singling him out.”

A close friend of the actor also said: “The incident really shook Michael up. The last few months have been very traumatic and his local pub is the one place where he has always been able to go to and get away from his troubles.

“He’s always felt safe and protected there until now. But Michael is determined not to let this get him down and he won’t be hiding away.”

The attack happened last Saturday at Le Vell’s favourite haunt, The Railway Inn which is near his home in upmarket Hale, Cheshire.

John Gladwyn
One drinker who was there said: “No one knows who the guy was. He’d probably had a few drinks, saw Kevin Webster across the bar and thought he’d make a name for himself by having a go.”

The Daily Mirror revealed three days ago that Le Vell was dating mum-of-two Blanca, who is Chilean.

In the aftermath of the attack she posted a picture with him on Facebook, writing: “I’m a lucky girl, love like this only comes around once.”

Le Vell’s pal said: “Blanca has been a wonderful support to Michael. Even though it is early days in their relationship she has become the rock upon whom Michael can rely.”

The actor is to face trial at Manchester crown court in September. He vigorously denies the charges, which include rape and are alleged to have happened between 2001 and 2010.

He has vowed to clear his name and plans to fight for a change in the law to ban the identification of alleged sex offenders until proven guilty.

A friend said: “Michael thinks it is wrong that those accused have their names published and dragged through the mud. He believes it would be fairer if those accused get anonymity until they are found to be guilty.”

Le Vell spoke out after his co-star Bill Roache was arrrested on suspicion of offences from 1967 involving a 15-year-old girl. He denies the allegations.

7 involving a 15-year-old girl. He denies the allegations.

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