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14 Kids With 12 Mums

Is this Britain's most feckless dad?

This story exposed how a man had fathered 14 children by 12 different woman.

We were contacted by one of the mothers who was shocked to discover he had got yet another woman pregnant.

The story was sold to The People newspaper who ran the exclusive article as a front page exclusive.

Read the full story:

Is this Britain’s Most Feckless Father?

THE most shameless dad in Britain is such a rat that even his mother has stopped sticking up for him.

Sneaky Jamie Cumming has fathered FOURTEEN children by 12 different mums, many of them victims of his lies and tricks.

Now his 15th baby is on the way with his 13th young lover.

And because he is out of work YOU as taxpayers are forking out the cash to support his brood.

Now Jamie’s embarrassed mother Lorraine, 55, is demanding her tattooed son stops his feckless ways and starts being a proper dad to the kids he already has. We are not naming some mums and kids to protect their identities.

She said: I love Jamie and I love all of my grandchildren. But enough is enough. It is time for my son to stop fathering babies and start being a father.

Jamie will become a dad for the 15th time when his 19-year-old lover gives birth in November.

What really upsets Lorraine is what a useless parent Jamie is being to all the other children.

She said: Jamie doesn’t do what he should be doing by those kids. He thinks its great to have lots of little ones running round but he doesn’t take responsibility.

Most of the women are having to get by on benefits. He doesn’t pay a penny to their upkeep.

Jamie has had a series of jobs from barman to security guard but never settled. Lorraine said: He tries to play the big man at Christmas and has four or five turkey dinners. He lies to them all about where hes spent the day.

Last year we heard he bought Wii consoles for at least four of them. But their mums need money to feed and clothe them.

That is exactly what hes not providing. Its got to stop.

Jamie, a middle son of six, first told foster carer Lorraine and his dad Harry he was going to be father in 1994 when he was 17.

His teenage girlfriend Kelly Anne Dulley gave birth to Samantha in February 1995.

Lorraine recalled: We were shell-shocked but excited.

Kelly was his first real girlfriend and thought he would marry her but they were young and that wasnt what he wanted.

Kelly moved in with us but once their baby Samantha arrived Jamie started dating Kelly’s cousin.

Within a few months Kelly left Samantha with me and Harry to go to work at a holiday camp.

Jamie didn’t contribute a penny towards Sam’s upkeep and still doesn’t. Jamie and Kelly’s cousin stayed together for 10 years and struggled to have a baby despite IVF on the NHS.

During their relationship Jamie messed about with other girls and Kelly’s cousin left him.

We know a girl called Cilla had his son, who she called Jamie, around 1997.

She moved to France and we never had contact with the boy. He would be about 14. It breaks my heart that I don’t know him.

Around the same time as Cilla, 1997, Jamie got another girl pregnant Kelly’s cousins pal. She had a baby called Danielle and we didn’t know she was Jamie’s.

We found out later because she used to shout, Dad at him in the street. Eventually he told us she was his.

Jamie failed to give any money to Danielle’s mum. In November 1998 Jamie’s fourth child ***** was born after a one-night stand with a neighbours daughter, ****** ******.

Less than three years later in July 2001 his fifth child **** was born after a brief relationship with a woman called **** *********.

And 14 months later, Jamie’s sixth child arrived, a boy called *****. Lorraine said: He doesn’t pay child maintenance for ***** but gives her money now and again.

He bumps into her and she knows he is her dad. ****** decided she could cope better without Jamie and I don’t blame her.

She continued: His seventh son **** was born to **** ***** in 2001. Another girl, ***** ******, had Jamie’s son ***** in 2002.

She moved to Liverpool because she didn’t want to put up with Jamie’s nonsense.

She added: I get to see most of the kids. I have a good relationship with most of the mums and other grans. But it is humiliating for me that the son I raised is not doing his duty in raising his own kids. By 2004 Jamie had started a relationship with ***** *****, who grew up less than 100 yards from Lorraine’s house in Dundees Downfield estate.


Now she has three children with Jamie *****, seven, ***** ****, two, and 13-month-old ******.

****** and Jamie live together, most of the time, in a mid-terraced council house.

But his romance with ****** didn’t bring an end to his womanising ways. She gave birth to baby No 8, *****, in June 2004 three months AFTER his seventh child, ****** ***, was born to another mum, ***** *******.

And that was five months BEFORE his ninth baby ******.

Samantha, Mum to kids 8, 12 and 14

In December 2007 Jamie’s tenth child arrived another son called Cayden. Mum Paula, see above, knew little of Jamie’s reputation.

Lorraine claims Jamie’s 11th child, a boy called ***, was born five months later, four months before ****** gave birth to ***** **** baby 12. The 13th came after Jamie had a brief fling with an Australian student, Kyla.

She took her baby son Kyle home Down Under after the birth.

Alison gave birth to ****** in July 2010. It was Jamie’s 14th child and the couples third.

Lorraine said: They all come to realise that hell make them promises of undying love but behind their backs hes promising that to countless other girls.

The whole family tried to talk to him and tell him to stop his womanising ways but its like an addiction with him.

Last night Jamie refused to comment. Five of the mums were unavailable, four mothers declined to comment and two refused to be named. Kelly Anne Dulley said: Its not my place to say anything. I didn’t raise Samantha either.


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