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How do I sell my story?
The easiest way to sell your story is to call us now for a preliminary and confidential chat about it on our hotline number 0845 609 0118. You can also fill in the form on our website and we will respond as soon as possible. Click here for more information on selling your story.
How much is my story worth?
The value of stories varies considerably, from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds. Our job is to ensure that you get the best price for your story. This is often achieved by setting up a strategy that allows us to sell your story several times to different media outlets.
Can I remain anonymous?
We pride ourselves in being the safest place through which to sell a story anonymously. We understand that many people, for a multitude of reasons, never want it to be revealed that they were the source of a story. A large percentage of the stories we place come from people who do not want to publicly reveal their identity. We always stand by the journalistic principle of protecting our sources.
If I send you my photo how do I know you won’t publish it without permission?
The legal copyright of any photograph is owned by the person who took the picture. It is against copyright law for anyone to publish the photograph without the permission of the copyright holder.
Why don’t I just contact a newspaper, magazine or TV channel directly?
Story Hotline acts as your agent and gets you the best possible deal. You can use our expertise not only to get the most money but to ensure that the story is told in a way that you are happy with. We offer you a huge amount of protection.
I have reporters phoning me and knocking at my door. What should I do?
Do not talk to the media directly. Contact us immediately and we will give you impartial, expert advice on how to proceed
Does it matter if I’ve already been named in the media?
We often help people who have already been named in newspapers magazines or through broadcast media as they feel that their story has not been properly represented. We can set up exclusive interviews and issue statements to the media to help correct and clarify situations. This can also prove an excellent opportunity for selling a story.
Can I prevent a story from being published or broadcast?
Our publicist Jonathan Hartley specialises in Reputation Management to to help prevent stories from appearing, limiting their damage and turning negative publicity into positive PR. Call Jonathan Hartley Associates on 0845 603 7992.

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