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Story Hotline allows the public to sell stories to the national media quickly, safely and securely. We are the country’s leading internet forum for selling exclusive news, pictures and videos to newspapers, magazines and broadcast media.

Part of the KNS News  group, we are responsible for many of the biggest exclusive stories which appear in national newspapers, magazines and on television. Our reputation has been built on professionalism and obtaining people the highest possible fee when they sell their story.

When you contact Story Hotline you are immediately in touch with professional, experienced, journalists at the cutting edge of their trade who will be able to tell you whether your story is publishable and sellable.

Your enquiry would never be handled by anybody who is not a trained, experienced, and competent journalist. Our contacts in television, newspapers and magazines mean we can open up the media to the average person. Confidentiality is also assured if you wish to pass on information anonymously.

What sort of stories should I contact Story Hotline about?

We are interested in stories that can be published or sold to a newspaper, magazine or television. Below is a rough bullet point guide to the sort of stories we are after.

  • Breaking news
  • Celebrity stories
  • Political scandals
  • Health stories
  • Newspaper investigations
  • Magazine features
  • Whistleblowers
  • Amazing pets
  • Selling photos/video
  • Crime
  • Love and relationships


We work for all the national newspapers and magazines including: The Times, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday, Take-a-Break, That’s Life, Pick-Me-Up, Bella, Love It!, Closer, Real People, Woman’s Own, More, Cosmopolitan and Woman.

Story Hotline deals with a variety of TV channels including BBC, SKY and ITN and our clients regularly appear on shows such as Good Morning Britain and ITV’s This Morning as well as appearing on a host of news programmes.

Because we sell to various newspapers, magazines, TV channels and even book publishers we can do multiple deals for your story.

If you wish to send us a letter or parcel, our postal address is: KNS News Independent House 18/20 Thorpe Road Norwich Norfolk NR1 1RY If you think you might have a story to sell fill in our story form or call Story Hotline 0845 60 90 118.

Directors of KNS

Mark Houldey

Mark Houldey, a journalist of 30 years experience and also one of the company's original founders. Mark is the company's editor.

Jonathan Hartley

Jonathan Hartley, a leading UK publicist who specialises in brokering major exclusive stories as well as helping to keep unwanted publicity out of the media.

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